The POLAK CZ company is a purely Czech manufacturer of WORKSHOP FURNITURE and PREFABRICATED HALLS. Modern manufacturing premises built in conformity with the latest requirements for production flexibility and efficiency ensure the maximum quality of our products. The applied robotization and the latest technologies guarantee this mark.

We have recorded the most important milestones and moments on the following time axis.

POLAK workshop furniture

  • System with which you can grow and combine mutually on a modular principle.
  • Quality and long service life.
  • The originality of POLAK workshop furniture is guaranteed by the continuous work of our development team.
  • High use value, modern and user-friendly design.
  • Exports to 9 European countries.


POLAK prefabricated halls

  • Complete customer service and professional advice as self-evident customer support
  • Quality and long service life.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the area as a guarantee of professionalism.
  • Verified and significant clientele, such as the Army of the Czech Republic.
  • Exports to European countries as well as elsewhere.