To achieve maximum comfort, the hall can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories and equipment.

Inlet openings

We are able to install gate and door openings on the hall in a wide variety of design, from simple two-wing sliding gates with sheet filling to sectional gates with remote control.

The gates are offered in a large variety of dimensions;therefore, anyone can choose from our range exactly according to their needs. For really large openings, such as for hangar gates, we offer a simple solution in the form of accordion gates of technical PVC fabric.

In essence, the gate or door opening can be located anywhere along the hall perimeter. If the openings are located in the front walls, their placement is simpler in as far as the entire front area can basically be used. There are some limit factors for the location of gate openings in the side walls, particularly the hall side height, which affects the maximum gate height.



Whatever activity or sport is performed in the hall, the use value of the object can be enhanced and audience comfort increased by internal built-in stands or benches.

The stands are designed with regard to the internal space layout, both for standing and sitting audiences, at several levels, always according to the customer’s specific needs.



To improve drainage conditions in the hall surroundings, the hall can be equipped with a system of eaves to drain rainwater to the correct place or enable it to be collected and reused for further purposes in combination with a reservoir.



If the hall is clad in technical PVC fabric, its light transmission is in most cases sufficient for general activities in the object and there is no need for additional lighting of the internal space.

However, if the demands for the lighting of internal spaces are higher, internal lighting including complete wiring can be installed on the load-bearing structure without difficulty.

The lighting is designed for the specific space, according to the requirements for the necessary lighting intensity (lux) and the internal layout, such as aisles in storage rooms.

Electricity distribution is not limited to the lighting itself, but can be implemented as a complete sub-delivery.


Circuit mantinel

If you carry out equestrian sport, and not only that, you will appreciate the possibility of installation of a circuit mantinel into the internal space of the hall. The circuit mantinel can be installed on the side as well as front wall of the hall, thus insuring maximum safety in the room.

The circuit mantinel design is variable with regard to its shape and overall dimensions.



Naturally, the hall’s internal spaces can be heated. Most frequently, hot-air fans, called Roburs, are deployed within the hall, to which the heating medium is supplied.

Alternatively, other available technologies for object heating can certainly be used, such as radiant panels.


Ventilation and air exhaust

For a sufficient supply of fresh air to the internal space of the hall, it is suitable to equip the hall with ventilation elements, such as self-acting air exhaust turbines and exhaust blinds. Self-acting exhaust blinds are an element operating without power supply, thus providing for air exhaust from the hall space.

Air exhaust blinds are located in the hall cladding directly and provide for fresh air supply to the hall space. Another option for hall space ventilation is the use of net windows, or net ventilation elements.

In the case of increased demands for air exchange, or if air exchange at a certain amount per hour is specified for the object, forced ventilation can be installed in the hall in the form of fans of the given capacity.