The basic parameters of a prefabricated hall are the dimensions and construction location to determine the snow and wind region.

Dimensions - width, height, length

Light prefabricated structures are executed in several width module series - 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30 and 32m.
If the basic width series is not satisfactory, there is no problem adapting the width.

Speaking of height, one means the height at the object wall. This is most often specified by the activity or processes taking place in the internal space.
Therefore, the most suitable internal height depends on the investor.

Subsequently, the total height of the hall is given by the type of structure and the total width. If the total hall height is a limiting factor for the construction for reason of a municipal plan limit or another limit, the height at the wall can be solved with regard to the total height to which the structure can be adapted.

The length of the steel structure is quite unlimited and fully conforms to your demands. Within the total length, the load bearing structure is divided at the given module distance, subject to the above indicated parameters and the snow and wind load.

If the module distance is not suitable in a certain part of the hall owing to the gate opening location, existing technology or for other reasons, the load bearing structure is “bridged” by means of a structural change to avoid the unsuitable place.

Snow and wind load

Each country has its own division of snow regions;the Czech Republic is divided into 8 levels.

Most of the territory can be classified in the 1st to 5th snow region. Locally and at higher altitudes, the 6th and 7th region occurs;the 8th snow region involves high-mountain areas and local extremes.

The snow load is specified in kN/m2 according to the pertinent snow region and represents the probable amount of snow for the given locality;that is, how much snow can lie on the object and how much it will load the roof.

Thus the snow load substantially affects the demands on the overall dimensions of the steel structure.

Similarly to the snow load, the overall dimensions of the steel structure are also influenced by the wind load. In this case, it is essentially the pressure with which wind acts on the structure.

Map of snow regions of the Czech Republic:

Map of snow regions of the Czech Republic

Map of wind regions of the Czech Republic:

Map of wind regions of the Czech Republic