As our light structures are declared by the ZCV-15-121/C02 certificate in conformity with the ČSN EN 1090-2+A1:2012 standard as a product fulfilling the function of a building, you will probably need a building permit in most cases.

Product fulfilling the building function

Act No. 183/2006 Coll., the “Act on Town and Country Planning and the Building Code”, generally known as the Building Act, indicates in Section 103 Structures, landscaping, facilities and maintenance works which do not require a building permit or notification.
Paragraph 1) of this Act then specifies the individual building types which do not require a building permit or notification. Point 16) then indicates “products fulfilling the building function, including foundation structures beneath”.

Our halls are certified as products fulfilling the function of a building;the specific interpretation of the letter of the law, however, depends on the local building authority.

Agricultural buildings

So-called “agricultural buildings” are given the same allowance in the Building Act as products fulfilling the building function;namely, they do not require a permit or notification.

This, however, does not apply to all buildings intended for agriculture, but to clearly specified buildings. These buildings are indicated in Section 103 (1) (e) (2) of the Building Act and are specified as:

structures for agriculture up to 60 m2 of developed area and up to 5 m in height, without a basement;structures for agriculture over 60 m2 of developed area or over 5 m in height, up to 300 m2 of developed area and up to 7 m in height, of one above-ground floor, without a basement, and which do not require a building permit or notification to the Building Authority, with the exception of animal housing, breeding and agricultural structures which should serve for the storage and processing of flammable substances (e.g., drying machines, warehouses of flammable liquids, warehouses of chemical fertilizers).

Notified structure

The Building Act, Section 104 (1) specifies simple structures, landscaping and maintenance works for which a notification is sufficient. Point (c) specifies:

“structures up to 300 m2 of developed area and height of 10 m, with the exception of residential buildings, and halls up to 1000 m2 of developed area and a height of 15 m, if these structures and halls contain maximum one above-ground floor, do not have a basement and are temporary for a maximum period of 3 years;the temporary period cannot be extended.”

This enables halls of a total developed area of 1000 m2 to be built in the mode of building notification only;however, only for a clearly specified period of 3 years, without the possibility of extension of this period. This means for the proprietor that upon expiry of this period the structure must be removed, or the process of gaining a full-value building permit must be launched.