What is the service life of the technical fabric?

The fabric is supplied by the German manufacturer HEYTEX or the Belgian manufacturer SIOEN COATING. The service life of the fabric depends on many factors, such as UV radiation, climatic conditions, mechanical influences and others. Since the POLAK CZ company started offering these, we have never replaced the fabric on a hall. For further information, see the page Technical parameters - Cladding

Technical parameters - Cladding

What if the fabric on the hall bursts or is damaged otherwise?

The fabric can be repaired in a simple way, by hot air welding.

hot air welding

Can the fabric loosen on the hall by wind action?

The fabric can become slightly loosened by wind and climatic conditions. If simple maintenance and the recommended inspections are maintained, the fabric will not loosen. You will receive maintenance instructions and all the necessary information at handover of the hall.


Are foundations necessary for a prefabricated hall?

Every hall needs some foundations;there are, however, other options. For the necessary information, see the page Technical parameters – Hall construction

Hall construction

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, in most cases. There are, however, exceptions when a building permit is not necessary. For more information, see the page Technical parameters – Building permit.


How much does a prefabricated hall cost?

Since we manufacture custom-made halls, each hall has different parameters and purpose. Therefore, it is impossible to set the price of a hall in advance without further information. We will be glad to prepare a free quotation for you. Fill in the non-obligation Inquiry form and we will contact you.


How resistant is the prefabricated hall to snow and wind?

Each hall is designed according to the snow and wind load in the given region and supported by static load analysis. For more information on snow and wind regions, see the page Technical parameters – Basic parameters.


Do you allow a hall to be leased?

We do not allow lease of a hall. Halls are custom-made;each of them is implemented according to the customer’s specific requirements.



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