Luxurious horse-riding facility at Krakovany


  • Krakovany (u Týnce nad Labem)

Realized Buildings

  • Riding Hall
  • Round Riding
  • Carousel, Hay
  • Linking shelter

Riding Hall

size: 34 x 80 x 3.5 The owner wants to organise competitions at the highest level in this hall. This hall allows competitions and training camps to be organised for all equestrian disciplines. The size of the horse yard is 30 x 80 m. On one side there is a stand for approximately 350 spectators that runs the entire length of the hall.
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Virtual tour of the riding area Krakovany



Round horse pen

diameter 14 m, real height of side 2.8 m;the riding hall is spacious and offers a large amount of daylight;a gateway forms one part of the 12-sided construction.
Round horse pen - more here

Horse walker

diameter 14 m, real height of side 2.8 m, equipped with a walking mechanism for 4 horses.
Horse walker - more here

Hay barn

size 10 x 30 x 3.5 m, the size of this hay barn enables 3 hay bales to be stored on top of one another at the side of the barn. The hay barn is equipped with roof turbines and sun-blinds to ensure fresh air circulation and thus to minimise moisture condensation inside the barn. The gate size of 3.8 x 4 m allows a tractor to enter the hay barn.
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Connecting tunnel

The tunnel connects the stables and the riding hall. It leads between the horse walker and the round pen.
Tunnel - more here

Coverage of the riding facility will be broadcast on TV NOVA on 7th June at 20:30.