Roofed structures

Prefabricated roofed structures can be a cost-effective solution for small space roofing. Suitable for any environment, they can be of any shape or size. An undeniable advantage is their quick assembly and disassembly. Thanks to various types of anchoring, the structure can be erected on any existing surface without extensive additional adaptations. Roofed structures can also be attached to existing objects or to cover a small space. You can choose from cladding of several types, and supplement it with any accessories.

  • Roofing for any room in any shape
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Budget solution of roofing for a small room
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The construction locality is always classified in a certain snow and wind region. The hall design is fundamentally influenced by these aspects.

For more information, see: Technical parameters - Basic parameters



Each hall is an original;therefore, it always complies with requirements for maximum use of space. We offer 4 basic design types.

For more information, see here: Technical parameters - Structure.



Quality PVC technical fabric in various colour versions is a possible variant. Another choice may be trapezoidal sheeting, sandwich panels or various combinations with wooden lining.

For more information, see here: Technical parameters - Cladding.



Depending on the basic parameters, the hall can be built on a ballast strip, asphalt surface, concrete road panels or other existing surfaces.

For more information, see here: Technical parameters – Hall construction